Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Geography + Food = Blog Post

One of the nice things about having a blog is that it offers me a platform on which I can post pictures of the food items that my older daughter gnaws into the shapes of various countries of the world.  It's not like you can do that on Facebook, right?  Oh.  You can?  I see.

Well anyway, a few weeks back my older daughter was eating a hamburger patty that chef daddy had made, when all of the sudden I hear: "Look, daddy, I made the United States."  I looked.  Sure enough.  This is what I saw:

Not a bad rendering using google maps and tracing paper, let alone a hamburger patty and teeth.  I can hear the skeptics now: "But can she do a country in which she doesn't live?"  Glad you asked, 'cause a few days ago, after handing out tortillas to the girls, I hear, "Look, dad, China!"  And this is what I saw.

Now if you're anything like me, you're thinking, "Nice try, sweetie.  But you may have bitten off more than you can chew [high hat!].  See, China isn't so long and skinny.  It looks more like this chicken nugget than what you made."

Fortunately, I checked a map before I made such a claim.  This is what China looks like:

Turns out, it IS a little more stretched out and curved than a chicken nugget.  Who knew?

At this point, I figured these pictures would make it onto WPFF, but I also figured I would have to wait until she created a third likeness, since Bloggers' Code says you've got to have 3 things for a list.  I decided I couldn't wait that long.  So tonight, after racking my brain for "shapable" food items, I asked her if she liked American cheese.  She did not.  So I had to sacrifice variety of food groups for this little photo montage.  I gave her a piece of bread, and told her to make it look like a country.  She could pick any country she wanted, except China and the United States.  A few minutes later:

Voila!  Madagascar! 

Good job, sweetie.

Everyone else: See you Friday.


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