Friday, May 13, 2011

A Keeping-You-Posted Post, 5/13

I was going to have a post like this in the next couple of weeks, a post just to explain a few logistic blog-related stuff, but forced my hand.  They had some technical difficulties on their end of cyberspace which I figured deserved an explanation ASAP.  So instead of explaining their problems today and my problems & plans in the next couple of weeks, here I am combining.

The idea is something like this: the time that I spend taking care of some less obvious blog stuff will roughly equal the time it would have taken me to write a shiny new post--unless that post is me sharing the scoop on some of those issues/plans.

1)  Blogger went into read-only mode for the past few days, and blogs across the country had their Wednesday and Thursday posts temporarily removed for some reason.  Blogger assures us that those posts are being put back up (I hope they have e-copies!), and I think that my Wednesday, 5/11 post has now been reinstated.  However, as of now, the lone comment re: that post has NOT been reinstated, and it may never be.  :(  If the poster would like to re-post, she is welcome to; if not, I have a record of it in my email inbox, and it's still special to me.

If anyone else either looked for Wednesday's post and couldn't find it, or found it but couldn't post, you should be good to go at this point.

2)'s metaphorical "safety mode" has nothing to do with my absence of posts last week.  I knew at some point I would take a week off, though I had hoped it would be more proactive and less reactive than it was last week.  Last Wednesday (9 days ago) ended up being a perfect storm of projects and responsibilities, the details of which I will not bore you with.  Meanwhile, the short film that ended up being THIS Wednesday's post was originally going be LAST Wednesday's post, but I ran into some glitches.

Then, beginning about Thursday, I got sick.  Over the weekend, I had a fever that fluctuated from below 98 to 101 and back again several times.  I'm still fighting some symptoms, but am better than I was Friday and Saturday, when my hope was not so much getting a blog post written as it was being able to swallow without experiencing a sharp pain in my throat.

Anyway, my bad for not anticipating last Wednesday's chaos better than I did.  Had I posted on Wednesday, I may have tried to tough out another post for Friday.  As it happened, I decided to take the week off.

3)  I imagine I'll do this periodically: revise, trim, or expand older posts.  I did that today with Something I Thought I'd Never Write: "If I Could", a post from a few weeks back.  I added my traditional pre-lyrics explanation/introduction.

4)  In the next couple of weeks, I'll be finishing both the "Alien Perspectives on Baseball" and the "Rating Springsteen Album Titles" series.  Then I'm going to clean them up and see about floating them out to sports and music blogs, respectively, that publish reader content.  If all goes well, I will hostilely take over all sports and music blogs by the end of the summer [evil laugh].  If only some things go well, I will slightly broaden readership of WPFF.

5)  I'll also likely add a widget or two to this blog.  Widgets are like apps, from what I understand.  Some widgets do things like link to sites like Amazon, and people who buy stuff from Amazon after linking through WPFF will provide me with a hefty kickback; unless I'm forgetting where the decimal point goes, it's 1000% of all sales.  I know what you're thinking:  "Selling out?  First Kriss Kross, now the Hungry Preacher?"  Well, if you know of some place where manicures, Revolutionary War-era tobacco pipes, and Johnnie Walker Blue grow on trees, I'd be happy to listen--in the meantime, those things don't pay for themselves.  So keep an eye out for widgets.

6)  Finally, it seems that certain fancy-schmancy bloggers have it so that the title headers for their blogs don't get cut off at the end.  It's an intriguing concept that I may look into.

That's the scoop.  See you next Wednesday.


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