Sunday, July 3, 2011

Putting the "War" in "Warrensberg"

A couple of weeks back we had the chance to drive westward to Warrensberg, Missouri to participate with our church in a 2 day conference involving several churches in the midwest region that are affiliated with a larger organization called "New Frontiers."

The conference was great, and the kids had a blast, not just because of the quality of the organized children's programs, but also because of the extended "free time" on Saturday afternoon.  This free time included sporting activities for grown ups, and the use of large inflatable things for kids.  The highlight for us was the jousting arena, which Monkey 1 was VERY eager to make use of.  Monkey 2 was reluctant, and we very nearly had to recruit a stranger to spar with our older daughter.

At the last minute, Monkey 2 came around and decided it looked like fun.

The action would best be described as neither fast nor furious nor--for that matter--as "action" as it is commonly understood to be.  The greatest challenge for the Monkeys was not to land the perfect blow or to redirect an attack from their opponent.  No, the greatest challenge was simply to NOT fall off the pedestal while holding a jousting stick longer than their bodies with ends bigger than their heads.

Each round consisted of Beth helping the Monkeys up, handing them their sticks, saying "go", then waiting for one of them to fall.  Monkey 2 stayed on her pedestal the longest in each round, probably due to:
1) her lower center of gravity
2) the fact that Monkey 1 swung more aggressively and basically yanked herself off the pedestal with each swing that did not find its target (which was all of them)

The real winners--besides gravity and guy who bet on there being more unforced errors than hits landed--were mommy and daddy, who were treated to some pretty serious hilarity, which we now pass on to you in the form of still pictures.  Enjoy!


"I must break you."

"Before you can lance, you must BA-lance" -The Hungry Preacher

It only looks like they're about to hit each other

It's like a knockdown, but without the "knock"

My iphone camera can freeze the wings of a hummingbird, the spin of a propeller, and the jousting sticks of my 5 and 6 year old daughters.

Monkey 1 coming back for more.

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