Friday, March 30, 2012

Angry Pigs: the Video (of the Game [Based on the App])

Wormholes can be a bear.  I fell into one a few weeks ago, and am suddenly emerging.  It may look like I haven't posted during this time, but what seems like several weeks to you was actually only a few seconds to me.

That being the case, today's post is particularly remarkable.  It's an entire video, painstakingly edited down by yours truly, in just a day's time.  I hope this doesn't sound proud, but I am truly an amazing user of the time allotted to me--even when 3+ weeks suddenly disappear from my schedule.

But the MOST amazing members of the Hungry Preacher's family are his wife and children.  Today I offer video evidence of my older daughter's amazingness.  Not only is she an artist, a barber, a barista, and an actress, but she is also an inventor of games.  (You can see the video evidence of her other skills on my youtube channel.)

Admittedly, this game is something of a variation of another game that perhaps you have heard of.  It's called "Angry Birds."  Heard of it?

OK, so maybe it's not so much a variation as "a nearly exact replica".  But still--it seems pretty creative for a 6-year-old.



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  1. Wow! Watching his video of Alex made my heart sore! When we were still there in StL, she was still just repeating most of what others said to her. And I remember watching her and having to start a sentence and have her finish it to tell me what she wanted. She has come so far! You and Beth are amazing! And seriously, my heart soared watching her!!!!