Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update on Updates

A wise man once said, "Never make an update out of material that could be a new post."  That wise man's name?  Rob.  But his friends and family call him "The Hungry Preacher."

Wise as this advise is, the inquisitive blogger may ask, "But what if you have updates that really can't stand on their own as new posts?"  If this happens, wait until you have TWO posts that need updating, then mention both of those updates posts in a stand alone post.

Well, friends, the hypothetical is meeting the actual, even as your eyes are crossing these very words.  Pretty freaky, no?  If you're reading this post while under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs, your head may be spinning right now.  I'm sorry for that.  Though (teachable moment here) the fault is probably at least half yours.

Anyway, as the foreshadowing-savvy reader may have guessed, I've updated two posts in the last week or so.

First, I have added a 17th item in my two-part critique of the names of Bruce Springsteen's studio albums.  "Wrecking Ball" was released by the Boss a couple months ago, and he's been getting on me to update my post ever since.  The good news for Bruce is that his newest album title scores very well in all criteria.  Well enough to bump "Born to Run" from its top spot?  Not sayin' here.  You'll have to read for yourself.

Second, my older daughter has created additional artistic pieces for her world-renowned "Mario Collection".  If you're into either Pixos or mosaics (or, of course, Mario), you'll love the updates.



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