Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Artist Explains Her Art (Titanic Edition)

I had some technical difficulties last Friday with this post, and then the video itself turned out to be too dark.  So I had to re-shoot the video (the talent was very patient through the re-shoot), but I think we've got everything in order now.

I do actually have 2 daughters.  Seems like it's just so happened that the older one has been the subject of many of the video posts on WPFF.

A bit of background: My older daughter is pretty ambitious with her drawings and even the media she uses for her art (she'll regularly poke her head out during her quiet time and call something like, "Daddy, I need some tape").  She also remembers a lot of what she reads and hears, and these details often get incorporated into her work.

The poster in this video is something that she did during her quiet time a couple of weeks ago, without any prompting or instruction from me.

The first take of this video (the too dark one) actually had a perfect little visual at the end.  So I went ahead and added it to this clip after the fade out.  Enjoy.


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  1. We framed a piece of art by your little artist that she made for Niccole and it hangs in our bedroom!