Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"You Couldn't Be Any Hotter": Easter, 2011

Easter has come and gone for the household of The Hungry Preacher, and all that's left is the memories, the pictures, the presents, the candy, and the eggs.  We decided to go all Christmas on Easter this year, and gave the girls actual wrapped, significant presents.  The younger one was under the weather and was couch-bound, which made for an awkward angle to open her large present:

And while the girls may remember this Easter for the resurrection and the presents, we will remember it as the year that we discovered what may be the greatest weakness of both of our daughters: They can't find eggs worth a lick.  Like, if they were in a room that was empty except for a chicken sitting on a nest and told to find the egg, they MIGHT find it, but anything trickier than that gets REAL iffy.

Of course, we have photographic evidence to back up this diagnosis.

CASE #1:  See the green, egg-shaped thing about a third of the way from the top of this picture, and about half-way across from left to right?  The thing that it looks like our younger daughter is staring directly at?  She wasn't.  This picture was taken after about 3 minutes of her looking on the shelves, and prior to another three minutes of looking on the shelves, with Beth saying pretty much the whole time things like, "Look on the shelves.  No, not that shelf.  That one.  You're looking right at it."  Our daughter eventually said, "Mommy, I don't think there is one on the shelves."

CASE #2:  This one was snapped after playing the "hotter/colder" game, and me literally running out of ways to say how hot she was getting.  After "It's like you're in the center of the sun" came my utterance of the title of this post, "You couldn't be any hotter."  As she leaned farther over the cabinets, I said, "You're like an inch away from touching it."  Not seeing it within an inch of her hands, she started moving her feet around on the floor, assuming that it was with her feet that she was so close.  (It was actually her eyes that we within an inch.)

CASE #3:  Again, don't let the head angle or the direction of the eyes fool you.  It only LOOKS like my older daughter is staring right at the purple egg in the lower left corner of the picture.  It was still about 30 seconds before she saw it.

Fortunately, it's only about once a year that the struggles of our daughters in this area come to light, and it's rarely in a life or death situation.  And we have committed to loving them through this struggle, and have full confidence that they will be better, stronger people because of it.

Happy Easter.


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