Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fit at Five: the Hungry PK's Guide to Losing the Baby Fat

My daughters enjoy vegging on the couch with a bag of fruit snacks watching reruns of "The Backyardigans" as much as any of us.  Yet, they're both still able to comfortably fit into size XS 6/7.  How do they do it?  The answer lies in a well-balance exercise routine.

In this post, they'll share with you some photos of them engaging in a few of their favorite calorie-burning activities.  Enjoy, and be challenged.


Since this picture, I've converted Monkey Two into a left-handed batter, and she's done quite well.  She reminds me of a young David Justice.

The bag was a Christmas present from my mom.  The technique?  Inherited.

Fighting in one-piece, full-body sleepwear is all the rage in the boxing world.

We're just glad that she's emotionally well-balanced

Monkey One engaged in some pre-climb meditation

If I had a few more hours to kill, I may have cropped the climbing wall onto a panorama of the Rocky Mountains.

It was a victory for Monkey Two to even give it a shot.  It wasn't until she saw her big sister conquer the peak that she mustered up the courage to go for it.

This was as far as she got, but I was still very proud of her for trying.


  1. That's awesome. Boxing, rock climbing--what a great range of activities! And did you set up the chairs for Wii Yoga, or did she?

  2. That was actually her doing. The "trainer" suggested using a chair for balance if needed. So she started dragging the chair over. When her older sister saw this, she figured if 1 chair was good, 2 must be better, and helped with the project. I just grabbed my camera.