Friday, August 12, 2011


Sometimes I search hard for blog topics.  Other times, they just fall in my lap.  Today, one made a left turn in front of me while I was driving through an intersection and I "struck it" (that's an official police term, by the way, and in no way admits fault regarding said "striking").

As long as the AC still works, I consider it drivable.

It looks like it's winking.

Concave is the new convex.

RIP is a slightly premature assessment of the CRV.  Perhaps it was just a near-death experience, and in a couple of weeks it will be back on its wheels telling anyone who will listen about the bright light at the end of the tunnel.  We'll see.

A few details:
-I was by myself

-My back and neck are a bit stiff, but other than that I seem fine (ask me again tomorrow).

-The car I "struck" was a '98 GMC Sierra.  I don't know what sort of hidden damage his car sustained, but where I have a front 30% of a car that needs to be replaced, he has a dent that looks like a Prius backed into him in a parking lot.  You know the phrase "Don't take a knife to a gun fight"?  I would add, "Don't take a CRV to a GMC Sierra fight."

-I do not believe I am at fault.  The other guy feels the same way about himself, but that common bond did little to instill a sense of closeness between us.  To settle things, I suggested some good old fashioned MMA.  The police officer on hand suggested we let the insurance companies decide.  He had the gun, so his vote counted triple.  Honestly, I don't harbor any ill-will toward the gentleman.  It happened.  It's a bummer, but the guy himself seemed pleasant enough.

-The air bags did not go off.  I didn't seem to bump my head, so I can't complain about that, but I do kind of wonder what it would have taken for them to deploy.

-The other guy is probably also fine.  He was walking around, apparently unscathed, but my sources tell me he decided to go the ER to get checked out.  Of course, I genuinely hope that he is OK.  If you are inclined to pray to that end, I encourage you to do so.

-Both the firefighter and the police officer on the scene were left handed.  I am also left handed.  The car I struck was making a left turn.  Interesting coincidence, or boring "Twilight Zone" episode?

-Our insurance company will provide us rental reimbursement until we get things figured out with the CRV.

-If the car is totaled, we will probably consider the mini-van route for replacing it.

-I recently used the CRV to haul and store several bags of compost.  My younger daughter's reaction to hearing about the accident was, "We need a new car because the old one was stinky."

On that note, enjoy your weekend and drive safely.


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