Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SoBe It: Updates from Miami & the Bahamas, PART 1

We're back.  Many of you didn't know we were gone, but Beth and I vacationed this past week.  Flew down to Miami on the 21st, cruised out of Miami on the 23rd, hit a couple of islands in the Bahamas, and flew back on the 26th.

I'll put up a couple of posts about the trip--pictures and maybe some thoughts--but I'll start off with the exciting stuff.  The Wednesday night that we got there, after checking in to our hotel and kicking around the city a little bit, we went to the Marlins/Braves game.

This was actually the reason we started talking about going down to Miami in the first place; this is the last year that the Marlins are playing at their field, and we wanted to check off their stadium before they move into their new one next year.

The stadium was everything it was reputed to be, which is to say--to put it politely--that it is a nice football stadium.

Our camera isn't working well--it keeps adding chins to me

But, stadium proper aside, lots of fun stuff to report.  First, the Marlins beat the Braves, which helped the Cardinals in their playoff quest (which will be decided, one way or another, by tomorrow).

Second, Beth became famous.  Here's the proof:
Beth on the big screen.  Apparently she's prettier than me.

Third, Beth met someone famous:
That's Billy the Marlin, for my less cultured readers--we are now only 5 degrees from Kevin Bacon

I wish I could say "Fourth, I caught a foul ball," but I just missed one.  One landed in our section, and I had even calculated which row to run down, but it landed about 10 feet from the point where, to get any further, I would have had to climb over children.

A few other notes:
  • There were probably about 8,000 people in attendence, not counting the players.
  • We bought tix, field level, 3rd row, for $19 each.
  • The Marlins have already thrown in the towel on this stadium.  They have all but explicitly announed that they are through putting lipstick on this pig.  Can't blame them.  The new stadium looks pretty nice.
  • This stadium is way the heck out there.  We had to drive a long time, in traffic, from our downtown hotel to get there.  The new stadium will be about 10 minutes from downtown.
That's all for now.


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