Thursday, September 1, 2011

A New Quest...

...I don't mean a new "goal" or anything like that.  No, a new Nissan Quest, to replace the CRV, which was totaled.

After deciding on the minivan route, we narrowed our search down to the Honda Odyssey, the Toyota Sienna, and the Nissan Quest, before deciding on a new, 2011 Nissan Quest.

We ended up getting it below the invoice price, and feel pretty good about the deal we got.  Of course, EVERYONE feels good about the deal they get, but we ACTUALLY think we got a good deal.  No, really, we do!

I still think it's a little weird that we printed off an internet coupon to help bring the price down. (It sounds like I'm joking about that, but I'm actually not.)  Our sales guy first said they couldn't give us BOTH the low internet quote AND the coupon discount, but my lawyer wife was all like, "Really? 'Cause I bet you COULD, if you really wanted to." Turns out she was right. Boo-yah!

What worked LESS well as a negotiating tool was asking our dealer to compete with the quote I got from a dealer in Tampa, Florida.  Our guy acted like we were asking him to match the price of minivans on Neptune.  Had he not taken the internet coupon, we may have pushed the issue a little, pointing out that Tampa IS on the same continent--and even uses the same currency--as St. Louis.  But I'm glad we didn't have to go there (both in the conversation and literally, physically "to Tampa").

I'll post a few more pics later, but here's Beth shaking hands with our sales guy in front of our new van.

From left to right: Beth, sales guy

This is about the size of our first apartment when we lived in Pasadena
Totally where I will hang out if I become a vampire
Boasts an industry-leading 3:1 ratio of compartments to objects known to have ever been stored in a car

We're nothing but grateful for the opportunity to make use of such a lovely vehicle, and we hope that we may bless others with it as much as we ourselves anticipate being blessed by its use.


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