Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My First Worship Song?: "Good and Holy King"

Today's planned post is taking longer than I hoped, this week has been busier than I planned, and my disposition has been less chipper than would lend itself to making the most of these factors.  Some of this busyness will be explained in one of next week's posts, but for today, I'm going to do the old "reach into the vault" thing and pull out something that I wrote a while ago.  I imagine I'll be doing this about once a month, or until my vault runs dry.

This is my first (and, as I think about it, my only) go at writing an actual praise song that could be sung at church.  I had messed around with lyrics and melodies before, and have MAYBE combined them in such a way that they could, fortuitously, be sung during a worship service.  But this is the first time that I actually had "could be sung in church" as a goal in writing.  I'm not sure if that goal was achieved.  I mean, I do know that this HASN'T been sung, but I'm not sure if it COULD be sung.  I don't know exactly what people who decide that sort of thing look for in a worship song.

While it's not exactly "fresh" material, I think it's only been read by 3 people ever (counting myself) so feel free to pretend it's brand new.  And, come Friday, even those 3 disappointed souls will have a brand new post to read, fresh off the brain.  :)

     Good and Holy King

Oh God you are my prince of peace
Your grace to me will never cease
To rouse this weary heart and calm this restless soul
“Be still,” your word makes very clear
The time is now the place is here
For me to come to you and surrender all control

I want to be with you
I want to rest in you
You are my God, my Lord of everything
I want to follow you
I want to worship you
Reign in my life, oh good and holy King

So take this hurried life of mine
Remove those things that seem to blind
My eyes from seeing truth, my heart from knowing you
Now I lay my life at your throne
All that I do, think, say, and own
Do with them what you please—their reign is finally through

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