Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Technical Difficulties [Roman Numeral] One

It used to bug me when people would start referring to movies that spawned unexpected sequels by adding "One" after the title, like "Rocky One" or "The Karate Kid One".  Obviously, the filmmakers weren't planning on sequels when they made the first one, so fans took it upon themselves to distinguish between the first movie of a series and its sequel(s) in this manner.

There will be no retroactive re-titling of this post.  I fully expect a long series of sequels to follow this post, so I am going to title it appropriately from the get-go.  Hence: "Technical Difficulties I".

Here's the pitch: A handsome, young, tragically overambitious blogger attempts to upload a video as part of his first non-introductory post on his shiny new blog.  His plans go awry, however, when his computer tells him that he does not have permission to access the video file that he tries to upload.  I'm just not sure about the ending yet.

But, yes, first I tried uploading the video directly to the blog.  I wasn't sure why it didn't work, but I figured I'd try going through YouTube, since "post video from YouTube" is the other choice that the Blogger dashboard gave me.  So I tried uploading a video to my newly created YouTube account, which is when my computer told me I did not have permission to access the file that I was trying to upload.  I needed to contact the administrator, it said.

So then I said to the computer: "What?  I just created this file today!  What do you mean I don't have permission to access it?  And who do you think YOU are?  I BOUGHT you.  I could reformat you if I wanted to.  I mean, theoretically.  I would probably need to call tech support, but what I mean is that I have the authority to.  And now YOU'RE denying ME permission to access a file?  How DARE you!"

I didn't wait around to see what he had to say to that; I've got a schedule to keep.  Wednesday and Friday.  I'm like the (part time) mailman: rain or shine, permission or denial.  So instead of getting a "Family" post, here is my first "Tech Stuff" post.  If all goes well, I will have everything sorted out by Friday and will get my video uploaded and posted.  And this time, if the multimedia post does not work out, I will have a back up, unimedia post ready to go.

By the way, I'm still hammering out the layout of this blog, what works best, what looks best, what looks distinct but won't cause seizures--that sort of stuff.  I would also like for the title box of the blog to not be cut off at the end (as it is on my laptop, but not my desktop), but by the time I figure out how to get a video uploaded, I may need to take a few weeks off from figuring out tech stuff.



  1. Hey Rob, I am looking forward to reading your thoughts about life, movies, sports, your family...but not really Springsteen. I guess I don't fit in your Venn diagram, very well. :)

  2. Rob, that's awesome! I enjoyed reading your postings! I will be looking foreward to Wednesdays and Fridays! :)