Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SoBe It: Updates from Miami & the Bahamas, PART 3

When we were kicking around Miami, after checking in to our hotel but before visiting with Billy the Marlin, we decided to check out something called the Vizcaya house.  Somewhere on the internet it was dubbed "Miami's Hearst Castle", and when eccentric billionaires build houses, Beth and I check them out.

Turns out, Miami must have been going to the bathroom when they were handing out Hearst Castles.  BUT, in its own right--and, really, compared to almost every other house in the world--Vizcaya is pretty nice.

It was built long before Miami was the bustling metropolis that it is now, before anyone even knew what a "Sound Machine" was.  If you want to read the history, the internet (yes, the same internet that built up my expectations by comparing it to Hearst Castle) can give you that.

But, if you want visual evidence of the Hungry Preacher and his wife visiting the house, feast your eyes.

For those of you patient enough to scroll through the still photos, a special so-called "moving picture," or "movie," waits for you at the end.  Enjoy!


From the pier of the house, looking back at the house

"But does it have a stone, faux marooned-pirate-ship in the back?  Yes?  Oh, then we're very interested."

If not for the plants, this would make for a great wiffle ball field.

I wish I knew how they kept their hedge mazes so green.

Beth, from above

Me, from below

Now, prepare for some pure awesomeness.

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