Friday, October 7, 2011

SoBe It: Updates from Miami & the Bahamas, PART 4

On Friday, September 23, we decided to get the heck out of Miami, and figured the best method for doing that was on a cruise ship.  For 3 nights, we sailed on Royal Carribean's "Majesty of the Seas," stopping on land on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday we visited the island of Coco Cay, and Sunday we stopped in Nassau, a town of the Bahamas that is inhabited entirely by tourists.  Both of these stops we nice: the first was relaxing with nothing to do (in a good way), and the second was more bustling, what with trying to make every street vendor feel valued as a person and not just a perveyor of trinkets and copyright-infringing t-shirts and hats.

With all the resting and shopping of those two days, we barely had any time to take any pictures.  But we did snap a few, and I've copied them into the video below.  Enjoy!


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